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eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

eeny, meeny, miney, moe…

There’s nothing I like better than starting a new project: the initial planning stages, organizing the tools I’ll be using, working out a concept or design. As many of you may know, I love to incorporate aspects of random chance into my work, whether that means text, imagery, or materials.

why make a decision...

why make a decision…

Last week, I received an invite from the Brenda May Gallery to participate in just such a project. The “On GOING GaGa SaGa” (curated by Akky van Ogtrop) is an exhibition featuring multiples, artists’ books, zines, and printed ephemera.

...when you can use them ALL!

…when you can use them ALL!

Given a mere three minutes in which to work, artists create a zine or artist book out of materials at hand. After assembling a handful of key elements, I was sprinting out of the gate!

Three minutes can feel like an eternity or fly by at the speed of light (in this case, it was the latter). I had put together “something” by the time the buzzer went off, but I felt like I was really only halfway finished. So I gave myself another five minutes to wrap up the project!

Having that extra five minutes made me feel better about my fast-and-furious project; there’s something about the addition of a cover on a book/zine that gives it an air of legitimacy, makes those loose pages feel like a “real” book.

X marks the...oh, nevermind.

X marks the…oh, nevermind.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the project was the time constraint. I was reminded that a person really can make something interesting in 10 minutes. Sometimes I get caught in the hamster wheel of overthinking projects;  spending waaaay too much time on a single postcard will result in putting it at the bottom of a pile. “It looks so overworked,” I’ll think and eventually shred it up (months later) to use in something else.

all those delicious rubber stamps...

all those delicious rubber stamps…

With a 10 minute time limit, you don’t have the luxury of “thinking”; it’s all about the “doing”. Happy accidents and creative concurrence can take place, without the brain chatter of “move this to the left” or “why don’t you try blue colored pencil?”

...on a single page spread!

…on a single page spread!

Needless to say, doing this project helped me out with another upcoming project; creative roadblock: removed! In just a few short minutes of whirlwind “making” via one project, I was able to problem solve a different project – funny how that worked out!

So now it’s back to the studio with some fast-forward momentum; look out October and November – I’m comin’ at’cha with a whole slew of new zines and book projects!


PS: if you’re interested in following all of the different artists for this project, take a look at #gagasagafluxusbox on Instagram

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join me!

join me!

August has turned into quite a month of event planning and organization! It seems like only a week or so ago, I was leisurely drinking iced beverages while matching up postage and postcards (or maybe I just dreamed that part…) These days, I have lists upon lists upon lists of things to do – that certainly happened FAST.

yep -- these are for reals...

yep — these are for reals…

(I have so many lists, I need separate journals to keep track of them all – imagine!)

As some RLD readers know, I am one of the lead organizers of the San Francisco Zine Fest, which is a yearly event. Now in our 12th year,  SFZF 2013 is a weekend long celebration of the DIY arts, small press publishing, and culture. Free and open to the public, SFZF consists of a vendor expo, lectures, and workshops.

even though this is a snap from last year, all the same rules still apply...

even though this is a snap from last year, all the same rules still apply…

That’s pretty exciting, right? But wait: it gets EVEN MORE exciting! What are you up to on the evening of August 16th? Between the hours of 5pm  and 10pm? Nothing? Something? Well, here’s a groovy get-together you won’t want to miss (especially if you’re looking to wrap up loose ends on a project-in-progress).

meanwhile, back at the studio...

meanwhile, back at the studio…

San Francisco Center for the Book: Open Print Studio evening for Zine Folks and Friends!

Local zinesters and paper people are invited to spend the evening at the SFCB bindery putting finishing touches on all of those last minute SF Zine Fest projects! Jennie Hinchcliff/Red Letter Day will be on hand to assist with tasks such as trimming, sewing, stapling – and maybe show a demo on rounding corners! No reservations are necessary, all are welcome. Bring projects in progress or stop by to get inspired. (“Socializing” counts as “work”!)

Where: SF Center for the Book, 375 Rhode Island (btwn 16th & 17th, in Potrero Hill)

Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Also: Open Print Studio for letterpress is going on the same evening. SFCB’s bindery space is to the left of the gallery; once you’re past the reception area, look left and head through the doorway.


I’ll be doing a bit more showing-and-telling in future posts about the new tidbits I’ll have on the table for SFZF. But for now, I hope to see everyone on August 16th – with stories to tell and glue sticks in hand!


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