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Over at the Red Handed Rubber Stamp blog, I mentioned that October 2014 has been a month (so far) of pumpkin pie, production, and non-stop creativity. October (for me) always seems to be chock full of things-going-on, but somehow this particular October has been exceptional.

work table

I’ve been whittling away on Mt. Correspondence and am happy to report that mail from Ex Postal Facto seems to be caught up — believe it or not! There were postal gems to be found at the bottom of that mountain and I’ve finally managed to return-reply to every single one (as far as I know!)


The “production” part of late September/early October has consisted of full-speed-ahead work for Red Handed Rubber. Halloween is currently a smashing success and — what can I say? — Christmas is right around the corner. (ho ho ho, indeed!) Right now, every spare thought is crammed full of sugar plum fairies, striped stockings, and dancing candy canes. Keep your eye on the RHR blog, as that’s where I’ll be posting new designs.

order filled

However: we’re still in October and Halloween (my favorite) looms on the horizon. For you, dear RLD readers, I have something that’s all treats (no tricks!); I’d like to invite each and every single one of you to:


That’s right! Join Yellow Owl Workshop, Leavenworth Jackson, and Red Handed Rubber (that’s me!) — among others — this coming Saturday at Flax in San Francisco for a rubber stamp-o-rama! I have it on good authority that there will be demos and make-n-takes, as well as a whole lot of stamp-y goodness — free for everyone. Come get your fingers inky — I’ll have special Halloween themed postcards for you to stamp up!

(details about the event can be found here.)

Hope to see you there —


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at the postal museum in Tokyo

Once word gets out that you have a “thing” for correspondence curios and all manner of related paraphernalia, be on your best behavior. My letter writing friends both near and far clue me in to all sorts of goodies to tempt both pocket book and New Year’s resolutions (I absolutely will not purchase another box of airmail envelopes, no matter how beautiful/vintage/unusual they are…)

Resolutions — who needs ’em?

Current obsessions, postally speaking:

–from Paola H. comes word of the Yellow Owl Workshop. I had never heard of them before, but it just goes to show that the InterWeb is a great big glittery ball of information. Based in Brooklyn, Yellow Owl Workshop offers up charming rubber stamps and postcards sets (you have -got- to take a look at the “Analog” set…) with that hand-drawn aesthetic that I love so very much.

What I’d buy: “Imperial” correspondence set.

–my long-time friend Charlie D. in Seattle turned me on to the book “Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory” by Eroyn Franklin. Not only is this a fantastic book, but her cut paper work is to-die-for. Her site installations are wonderfully ethereal, her “diaryalogue” is a bit like looking at the thoughts in your head  — except that they’ve been captured under a microscope and then meticulously diagrammed at a later date on stark white paper.

The item I covet: her “Philatelic Heroes” series, wholly and completely.

–last but not least: the “kudamemo” from D-BROS Japan. Something that you should know: the Japanese word for “fruit” is “kudamono”. The name of these notepads is a combo of Japanese and English — which makes them all the more charming in my mind. Apple or pear: you can order individually or in groups of six. Popgadget‘s blog has a fantastic photo of the wrapped and crated memos.

A single pear or a group of crated apples?: Crated apples. That way I could share with other like-minded memo-writers.

Seen anything writing-related that you can’t resist mentioning? Leave your comments!


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