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a little pile of outgoing mail for 2013!

a little pile of outgoing mail for 2013!

We can safely say that we have made it through to the other side, you and I. The holiday season that was 2012 has passed, leaving a trail of pine needles and cookie sprinkles in its wake. Looking forward to the whole of 2013 spread out before me, I can tell you that the year is going to be top notch: a bevy of beautiful USPS stamps coming out, teaching gigs galore, and a spiffy new batch of RLD projects on the horizon.

a lot of handwriting going on there...

a lot of handwriting going on there…

I had promised RLD readers a series of three All You Want For Christmas write ups. I’ve saved the best for last — even though it’s a bit after Christmas I think you’ll find a few items of “want!” listed below…

Look at it this way: now you don’t have to operate under the pretense of shopping for someone else – it’s all about YOU, baby!

fun for all ages? indeed!

fun for all ages? indeed!

As a fan of the Olathe Poste, I find their gummed and perforated papers are easy to work with. Don’t have an easy way to make those pinhole perforations for your artistamps? A pack of 25 dry gummed and pre-perfed sheets may be exactly what you need! A bonus? You can run these sheets through a standard, inkjet printer.

which do I love more -- cake? or postage?...

which do I love more — cake? or postage?…

What do we always need, as postal-ish people who send A LOT of mail? Postage stamps, that’s what! One of the best gifts I received for Christmas this year was a charming array of postage old and new, (uncancelled!) which could be used for future mailings. For those folks in the audience who didn’t know: “vintage” postage can ABSOLUTELY be used to send letters and postcards through the mail; just be sure to affix the correct amount before dropping in the blue box. You can find uncancelled, face-value postage of your own right here. (and remember: the price of post is going up January 27th…)



I ordered both Going Postal and Meta Mail Art Zine #1: A DIY Guide to TangleStamps a little while ago (like, a year or so) from Su Mwamba at Tangle Crafts; these two goodies still remain in my top 10 favorite postal-related zines. Going Postal chronicles the mail art received and displayed for a show of the same name, while Meta Mail Art Zine #1 outlines Su’s process and tips for creating artistamps. Both zines feature color pages and come mailed inside a hand decorated envelope – a great gift for getting people “into” mail art! You can place your order at Su’s TangleCraft etsy shop.

a glimpse inside mail art zine "Node Pajomo"...

a glimpse inside mail art zine “Node Pajomo”…

(some of my other favorite postal zines include: Node Pajomo (above), Gianni Simone’s Kairan, and the hard-to-get Arte Postale by Vittore Baroni.)

That being said, there are a couple other things you could treat yourself to: a copy of Good Mail Day (if you don’t already have one), a membership to the Letter Writer’s Alliance (a gift for a friend perhaps?), or you could sign yourself up for the February 2nd “Mail Art 101” class I’ll be teaching at the SF Center for the Book!

what's not to love about this freshly minted stack of mail?

what’s not to love about this freshly minted stack of mail?

Bringing you more mail art in the new year, with a stack of envelopes to boot! —


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Holiday Soirée invite...

Holiday Soirée invite…


The Correspondence Co-op’s Holiday Soirée will take place on Friday, December 14th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the SF Center for the Book!

High-jinks for the evening include a “Save the USPS” postcard-writing campaign (postage provided!) and raffle prizes of a postal persuasion.

Of course I would love to see some RLD readers mixed in among the correspondence crowd…


Holiday Soirée invite, details

Holiday Soirée invite, details


This event is free and open to the public; curious letter writers and postally obsessed persons are encouraged to stop by!

Here’s the pertinent info:

Who’s throwing this shindig? : the San Francisco Correspondence Co-op and SF Center for the Book

Where’s it gonna be? : the SF Center for the Book, 300 De Haro Street at 16th Street (in SF)

And when is it? : Friday, December 14th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Still have questions? : email Jennie at  redletterdayzine@gmail.com

Hope to see you on Friday!


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a little bit of Christmas cheer?

a little bit of Christmas cheer?

Kringle, kringle, kringle, my fabulous correspondents!

Have you managed to send your holiday cards and end-of-the-year wishes?

this might be the answer to the PO's problems!

this might be the answer to the PO's problems!

Fear not! There’s still time. “But when?” you may wonder.

I can help you with that: December 15th!

won't you join us? T'would be delightful...

won't you join us? T'would be delightful...


San Francisco’s Correspondence Co-op will be hosting a holiday open house at the SF Center for the Book. Highlights will include:

  • –a display of mail art by Correspondence Co-op members
  • –letterpressed broadsides by poet Cody Gates, designed by Happenstance Type-O-Rama
  • –a mail art “make-and-take” station, with supplies for creating your own marvelous postcards
  • –raffle of the evening: a Smith Corona “Classic 12” script (cursive) typewriter! (details below to enter raffle)
  • –holiday issue of the monthly Co-op artistamp
an "average" night, at one of the Co-op meetings...

an "average" night, at a Co-op meetings...

Here are the details; come on out and help us celebrate this festive time of year!
When: Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Where: San Francisco Center for the Book, 300 De Haro Street at 16th (in SF); SFCB’s Third Thursdays Open Houses are fun drop-in events for the community, and all are welcome. This is a free event; plenty of street parking is available.
Questions? send an email to Jennie at redletterdayzine@gmail.com

And how about that raffle? Y’know: the one for the typewriter? It’s this baby right here:

wouldn't this typer look GREAT sitting on your desk?

wouldn't this typer look GREAT sitting on your desk?


Correspondence Co-op member Anna is bringing a lovely, nearly mint condition cursive script typewriter to SF from Seattle for our holiday raffle — the perfect Christmas gift for you or someone you know! Here are the “rules”:

  • –you must be present or have someone collect the typewriter at the time of the raffle (Dec. 15th, 2011 during the open house).
  • –tickets are $5 apiece and must be paid in advance via PayPal to alincoln at care2 (dot) com. Anna will not be accepting cash at the event!
  • –Raffle remains open until 3pm on December 15th; the drawing will happen that same day, between 6-8pm at the SF Center for the Book.
  • –50% of proceeds go to the Hachiko Coalition (helping animals in the Fukashima nuclear zone).

Hope to see you on Thursday night, with glue stick and rubber stamps in hand!


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