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(warning: the following post is filled with a heapin’ helpin’ of words and is pretty low on visuals. But don’t worry: I promise LOTS and LOTS of beautiful eye candy in future posts!)

2014 has wrapped up and I have to say that it was one of the most interesting, educational, and inspired years in recent memory. Things started out with a bang: Ex Postal Facto seemed to be the pace car, setting the bar high for mail art interactions and postal socializing (postalizing?) From there, I jumped headlong into Red Handed Rubber Stamps and all the details a new business requires: sourcing, purchasing, designing, phone calling, marketing, and a thousand-and-one other niggling details that keep a girl awake at night.

That was May 2014. Sure there was a trip to NYC and a completed artist book as well as an interview with the USPS, but for the most part I kept my head down here in San Francisco, working on a handful of pet projects that had been put aside since 2013. By the time summer arrived, I was neck-deep putting together SF Zine Fest. My fellow organizers — an incredibly talented group of writers, illustrators, and zinesters — are some of the hardest working folks I know, with a refreshing take on the DIY scene (and small press publishing in general.) It was a pleasure to work with them (once again) in 2014.

SFZF always marks the beginning of autumn for me. The event takes place on Labor Day weekend, traditionally a time associated with the end of summer and the beginning of the fall teaching semester. Just like every other year, the last few months of 2014 were booked solid: SF Correspondence Co-op meetings, workshops at SF Center for the Book, teaching in the Printmaking Department at the Academy of Art. Recently, I’ve been completely buried (once again), hard at work putting together another artist book edition for the upcoming Dig show at Central Booking in NYC (but I’ll talk about that in a different blog post.)

Looking at the above paragraphs, it’s no wonder I haven’t had much of a chance to update the RLD blog! My time has been spent getting together with other artists, working in the studio, creating things with my hands  — activities which make all the (other) hard work worth it. Meeting people face-to-face is a far different interaction than sitting solitary behind a screen; 2014 showed me that I sometimes need more of one than the other, and that’s just fine.

So what does that mean for the RLD blog? Well, a bit of a re-tooling for starters — but nothing too too drastic, I promise! I’ll be trying a few things out, to see what you guys are interested in. Instead of my usual, super-wordy blog posts (do people even read that much these days?!) I’ll be posting more photos of mail art and postal related things: an occasional piece of mail, inspiring articles from around the ‘net, projects I’m working on. I’m hoping this will be a new direction of interest to all RLD readers, regardless of which side of the screen we’re sitting at.

That being said, my email inbox is always open (and my PO box too!) I love hearing your feedback, dear readers — your ideas help make a good blog even better! Back in 2009, when I started the RLD blog, it was a way for me to reach out to readers of Good Mail Day and connect with the mail art community on a deeper level. Today, I count that as a goal which has come to pass, and generated incredible interactions with each of you, on so many different levels. Together, with each letter/postcard/artwork sent and received, you and I are creating a new wave of postal Networkers. Our shared love of bonding via words, art, and writing is something I give thanks for every day.

Viva le Mail Art! (and happy new year to all!)


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skulls, stripes, and pirates...what's not to love?

skulls, stripes, and pirates…what’s not to love?

Halloween: it arrived in a bustle of candy corn, glitter pink eye shadow (for the costume, I swear!) and a small size, petite pumpkin. “When did that happen?!” I asked myself. “It seems like May was just last week…”

perhaps you need a dental plan?

perhaps you need a dental plan?

San Francisco loves itself some Halloween – if you’ve lived here for even a couple of years, you’ll learn that important lesson. We take it seriously. This is a holiday not to be taken lightly.

the perfect envelope!

the perfect envelope!

I never really need an excuse to purchase accessories involving the colors black and/or orange, cats with huge eyes or CANDY. All the more exciting if those accessories can be used to mail Important Halloween Documents!

a box of BOO!

a box of BOO!

I grew up on the spooky side of the street – literally. (my goth street cred is pretty high.) Add to that the fact that my mum’s birthday is on Halloween and you can probably see how this whole thing ended up: by sending a celebratory birthday box of mystery! (there was even some acknowledgment of the box’s “coolness” when I took it to the PO – a different one from my usual spot…)

look at that fabulous orange paper!

look at that fabulous orange paper!

I made sure to whip up a few eerie postcards and was thrilled to be using some new seasonal rubber stamps in the mix…

I find I'm appreciating the neon more these days...

I find I’m appreciating the neon more these days…

But wait! The festivities weren’t finished! This past Sunday, the SF Public Library and SF Correspondence Co-op hosted “Gone But Not Forgotten: Correspondence Calaveras” at the SFPL. What’s a correspondence calavera, you say?

but I also love the red and blue...

but I also love the red and blue…

It is an opportunity to write a message, memory, anecdote, or poem about a loved one near or far. Attendees were invited to decorate their postcards using a variety of different techniques, and then post them in the Co-op mailbox at the event.

some Posada rubber stamps I had made especially for the event...

some Posada rubber stamps I had made especially for the event…

Co-op members will affix postage and mail these calaveras within the next week or so.

in the moment...

in the moment…

I had silkscreened two hundred postcards; by the end of the event, only a handful remained. Regular Co-op members were in attendance, but library patrons also drifted through – some staying for the whole of the event, others watching silently for a few minutes and then leaving.

a bit of down time...

a bit of down time…

What brought them to this particular event? Some were simply curious, others wanted to write a postcard to remember a loved one. A few were stymied by the concept: “Who would I send a postcard to? And why?” After some guidance and explanation, I could see the “aha!” moment happen. These were the folks who decided to sit down and stay for awhile.

still life, with Posada...

still life, with Posada…

When things were all wrapped up, it was incredibly satisfying to look inside the event mailbox and see all of those postcards filled out, waiting to be stamped and sent out into the world. From where I’m standing, that’s a true measure of success: each postcard represents a person who took the time to brighten another person’s day with the simple act of writing a message down on a piece of paper.

perfectly perfect...

perfectly perfect…

While the holiday of Dia de los Muertos is primarily about remembering those who have come before us, we should also recognize those who surround us every day – and remind ourselves that we have the best of both possible worlds.


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it seems like my desk is always a MESS...

it seems like my desk is always a MESS these days…

It’s a brand new week and I’m looking at a cavalcade of looming deadline — most notably, the SF Zine Fest! Are you a fan of DIY publishing? Indie culture? Free events? Then SF Zine Fest is for YOU!

which of these items will make it onto the table at SFZF?

which of these items will make it onto the table at SFZF?

This week I’m rushing to finish up a couple new projects that have been in the works for weeks. I can also promise a few “burmuda triangle” projects that will make an appearance on the RLD table (issue #4 or RLD, anyone?) And guess what else? I’m sharing a table space with Happenstance Type-O-Rama, who has a GORGEOUS artist book featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. (I can say no more…)

beauty-in-progress, from this past weekend's Co-op meeting...

beauty-in-progress, from this past weekend’s Co-op meeting…

The SF Correspondence Co-op is hosting the Perennial Postcard Project for one day only, on Saturday, August 31st from 11am to 2pm.

it's the mail art "creation station"!...

it’s the mail art “creation station”!…

Wouldn’t it be great fun to come by and collage some artwork on a GIANT piece of paper, in order to receive a piece of that collage in the mail?



I think so too!

more mail art happening...

more mail art happening…

I hope you’ll be able to stop by table #96 and say howdy! And here’s a PSA for y’all: the Oakland Bay Bridge will be closing on Wednesday, August 28th thru September 3rd. If you’re travelling to SFZF from the east bay, be sure to plan accordingly!

In all things postal —


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SF public schools AND the watergate hotel: together at last!

SF public schools AND the watergate hotel: together at last!

This past weekend was filled with correspondence “shenanigans”, as a favorite friend of mine likes to call ’em. Saturday’s Co-op meeting was filled with lots of socializing and four new attendees! Passports were being stamped at the speed of light and artistamps were traded right and left…

you never forget your first passport...

you never forget your first passport…

On Sunday, Herr Baron and I spent some time galavanting around the city, searching in different nooks and crannies (and dusty garages!). He was on the lookout for old books and such; I (as always) was on the lookout for paper…

pink & black? LOVE. la dietrich? LOVE LOVE.

pink & black? LOVE. la dietrich? LOVE LOVE.

Herr B. stumbled across this tome, which was pretty fabby in it’s own right. But then he discovered this particular page:

"S" is for...

“S” is for…

What is my favorite part of this ABC entry? I think ALL OF IT is a completely appropriate response. Who knew that Marlene was one of us? I mean, the entry for “stationery store” takes up half a page — no small accomplishment, I’m sure. Look at “suet pudding” on the facing page; I give it three sentences at best.

A great way to start the week — that’s all I have to say! More goodies will be available at the RLD webstore on Friday.

In all things postal —


(edit, 07.30.13) : I’ve just updated the “Classes and Sightings” page of the blog, so be sure to take a look at what’s going on here in SF. August is FULL, if you’re into paper and stationery!

PS: The full quote above reads: “People who adore stationery stores are like dope addicts about paper clips, paper clamps, Gem clips, ring clips, bulldog clips, Magic Markers, china markers, felt-tip pens, Scotch tapes, Mystik tapes, masking tapes, varieties of pads, notebooks with spirals on top, notebooks with spirals on the side, short, long, wide, narrow, Paper devoted to erasers, paper — thick, stiff, hard, soft, rough, large, like canvas, surfaces like linen or pigskin. The addict buys feverishly all he needs and all he does not need and has absolutely no use for. He just cannot leave it in the store.

I remember buying the most beautiful pale blue legal paper, which felt like silken blotting paper, in a village stationery store in Haddonfield. I look at it once in a while and it definitely sends me.”

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Holiday Soirée invite...

Holiday Soirée invite…


The Correspondence Co-op’s Holiday Soirée will take place on Friday, December 14th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the SF Center for the Book!

High-jinks for the evening include a “Save the USPS” postcard-writing campaign (postage provided!) and raffle prizes of a postal persuasion.

Of course I would love to see some RLD readers mixed in among the correspondence crowd…


Holiday Soirée invite, details

Holiday Soirée invite, details


This event is free and open to the public; curious letter writers and postally obsessed persons are encouraged to stop by!

Here’s the pertinent info:

Who’s throwing this shindig? : the San Francisco Correspondence Co-op and SF Center for the Book

Where’s it gonna be? : the SF Center for the Book, 300 De Haro Street at 16th Street (in SF)

And when is it? : Friday, December 14th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Still have questions? : email Jennie at  redletterdayzine@gmail.com

Hope to see you on Friday!


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let the hunt for the perfect gift begin!

let the hunt for the perfect gift begin!

Sigh. I’m not even going to finish the above-mentioned caption because if you’re anything like me you can’t even believe the month of December is a few short days away. And never mind the fact that this year is practically over.

let's look at some more beauty, shall we?

instead: let’s look at some more beauty, shall we?

I’ve promised myself that I’m going to be a good little elf and get all of that pesky Christmas shopping out of the way early.

There, I said it: EARLY!

a few postal presents to fill a stocking or two!

a few postal presents to fill a stocking or two!

And guess what? I can help you get a jump on YOUR early Christmas shopping! The SF Correspondence Co-op will be hosting their Perennial Postcard Project at this year’s Bazaar Bizarre — kringle kringle kringle! Free and open to the public, the 2012 Holiday Bazaar Bizarre promises to be a wonderland of DIY workshops, fun treats to eat, and over 200 purveyors of charming items.

One of the best parts? It’s free free free! (that’s like a holiday gift right there…)

happy hands make beautiful postcards!

happy hands make beautiful postcards!

Drop by and say hello if you get the chance; we’d love to see you! Here are all the details:


What: Bazaar Bizarre’s 2012 Holiday Fair: Saturday, December 1st & Sunday, December 2nd; 11am-6pm both days

Where: the Concourse Exhibition Center, East Hall; San Francisco (map); make sure to enter on 7th street!

Who will be there? Take a look! The SF Correspondence Co-op will have a table of postal themed goodies and items for sale, as well as host the Perennial Postcard Project for attendees to take part in.

In all things postal, I remain —




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this year's poster was designed by Squillo Studios...

this year’s poster, designed by Squillo Studios…


This has been a summer in which I devote my life to zines. Mind you, I’ve always been a believer – but over the last few months I’ve become a true believer. How does the conversion happen? Lots of hard work, enthusiasm, and a pretty near full-time volunteer gig as one of the SF Zine Fest organizers.


new work-in-progress...

new work-in-progress…


And now, I’m in the home stretch! This weekend (September 1st and 2nd) the SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park will play to host to the largest zine extravaganza yet! Free and open to the public, SFZF will showcase small press and DIY vendors, informative workshops, and a roster of exciting lectures. I mentioned that it’s all FREE, right?


typing up labels with my cursive typewriter!

typing up labels with my cursive typewriter!


Here and there, I’ve been squeezing in time at the studio and putting together a few bits for the SF Correspondence Co-op table at the Fest. You heard that right – the SF Correspondence Co-op will have a table at Zine Fest, and it will be filled with postal delights from Co-op members near and far. If you love postal-ish papery things, you won’t want to miss this!


a smattering of ephemera, to be used...

a smattering of ephemera, to be used…


The Co-op will also host the Perennial Postcard Project on Day 1 of Zine Fest from 11:00am – 1:00pm. We will have tables set up on the Main Stage in Room B for SFZF attendees to stop by, make some mail art, and have some fun. We did a similar project at our Co-op birthday party in May, and it was a HUGE success.


the Perennial Postcard Project, in action!

the Perennial Postcard Project, in action!


It’s hard to believe that by this time next week, SFZF will be wrapped up for another year – it seems impossible, after working so intensely throughout the summer. But my eyes are already looking forward to the end of September, when I will be vending once again at the NY Art Book Fair as well as teaching a series of classes at The Ink Pad. This fall is going to be non-stop, I can tell already!


a story with a happy ending...

a story with a happy ending…


Will you be able to stop by the Co-op table at Zine Fest? We’d love to see you there! Let me know in the comments if you’ll be saying hello in person…
In all things postal, I remain –

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