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can it be? is it true?

can it be? is it true?

Perhaps you know that San Francisco has a Muji store (the eponymous Japanese “lifestyle goods” brand). Located in a neighborhood I rarely frequent, I found myself passing through last week. Thinking out loud, my rationalization went something like this: “They have nice pens for writing, good for airplane travel; I should really pick up another one (or three) since I’m here.”

Little did I realize.

examples of work created by Muji staffers...

examples of work created by Muji staffers…

Muji has a rubber stamp buffet. That’s the best description I can give you. Rows and rows and rows of oversize rubber stamps, there for shoppers to use — this must be what heaven looks like, if you’re someone like me/us. Once you purchase a grey tone file folder, a journal with creamy lined paper, and a set of kraft paper brown postcards (whoops! did I just give myself away?), you are free to stamp to your heart’s content.

they make it sound so easy (and it is!)...

they make it sound so easy (and it is!)…

Granted, some of the rubber stamps had been used more than others , so the ink was faint in spots. But the Muji staff was excited by the fact that I was so excited; after a bit of discussion, we were all stamping postcards to send away to friends and family. What better way to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month?

my hero!

my hero!

Muji is located at 540 9th Street, in the SoMa neighborhood. It is a hop/skip/jump from SF Center for the Book; why not plan an outing? Afterwards you can always run by Arch to satisfy your urge for beautiful pens.



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