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SF public schools AND the watergate hotel: together at last!

SF public schools AND the watergate hotel: together at last!

This past weekend was filled with correspondence “shenanigans”, as a favorite friend of mine likes to call ’em. Saturday’s Co-op meeting was filled with lots of socializing and four new attendees! Passports were being stamped at the speed of light and artistamps were traded right and left…

you never forget your first passport...

you never forget your first passport…

On Sunday, Herr Baron and I spent some time galavanting around the city, searching in different nooks and crannies (and dusty garages!). He was on the lookout for old books and such; I (as always) was on the lookout for paper…

pink & black? LOVE. la dietrich? LOVE LOVE.

pink & black? LOVE. la dietrich? LOVE LOVE.

Herr B. stumbled across this tome, which was pretty fabby in it’s own right. But then he discovered this particular page:

"S" is for...

“S” is for…

What is my favorite part of this ABC entry? I think ALL OF IT is a completely appropriate response. Who knew that Marlene was one of us? I mean, the entry for “stationery store” takes up half a page — no small accomplishment, I’m sure. Look at “suet pudding” on the facing page; I give it three sentences at best.

A great way to start the week — that’s all I have to say! More goodies will be available at the RLD webstore on Friday.

In all things postal —


(edit, 07.30.13) : I’ve just updated the “Classes and Sightings” page of the blog, so be sure to take a look at what’s going on here in SF. August is FULL, if you’re into paper and stationery!

PS: The full quote above reads: “People who adore stationery stores are like dope addicts about paper clips, paper clamps, Gem clips, ring clips, bulldog clips, Magic Markers, china markers, felt-tip pens, Scotch tapes, Mystik tapes, masking tapes, varieties of pads, notebooks with spirals on top, notebooks with spirals on the side, short, long, wide, narrow, Paper devoted to erasers, paper — thick, stiff, hard, soft, rough, large, like canvas, surfaces like linen or pigskin. The addict buys feverishly all he needs and all he does not need and has absolutely no use for. He just cannot leave it in the store.

I remember buying the most beautiful pale blue legal paper, which felt like silken blotting paper, in a village stationery store in Haddonfield. I look at it once in a while and it definitely sends me.”

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