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photo by Von Spa

photo by Von Span

Back in the day, there was something called a “telegram”. Today we just call it “social media”.

Last week really was a red letter day for me, when it comes to buzz. Monday morning brought an email from “Good Mail Day” co-author Carolee Wheeler. “You’ll never believe it,” she excitedly penned. “ABC News has reviewed GMD!”

And review they did. Coming in at paragraph four (right underneath Martha Stewart!), journalist Jennifer Forker had nothing-but-nice things to say. From “the authors of “Good Mail Day” think a good day brings good mail (not that junk stuff) or, better, artsy envelopes” to “…their book includes an array of inspiring, four-color examples” (thanks Von Span!), we couldn’t be anything less than thrilled with ABC’s review. Thank you Jennifer!

photo by Von Span

photo by Von Span

In the April issue of Nylon magazine, GMD contributor Jennifer Pappas wrote an article titled “Urban Planning” which shows takes us down to  South America and shows us a good time — everything from tango to trapeze swings are covered! In her contributor bio (p.68), Jennifer gives a shout out to mail art in general (yay!) and GMD specifically (super yay!). If you’re reading this Miss J., I’ve put a little something in the post for you… 🙂

photo by Von Span

photo by Von Span

And then, at the end of the week there was more great news to come!

Saturday morning brought the launch of a fresh new online magazine called  “Letters & Journals”. FAB! I’ve contributed an article titled “Stationery Secrets of the City by the Bay”, so if you’ve ever wondered where an envelope obsessed, mail art junkie like me would shop here in SF, well — mystery solved! I share three of my all-time favorite places, as well as a bit of history about each. I’ll let you wander over and discover the whole magazine for yourself. Editor Jackie Flaherty has plans to bring “Letters & Journals” into print at the end of the year.

Of course, Sunday night was the National Geographic wing-ding.

I’m hoping one of y’all recorded it for me!

Needless to say, it was a busy week. There are plenty of other exciting projects in the hopper; I’ll share the late-breaking news of the moment with each and every one of you as it happens!

In all things postal, I remain —

PS: two wonderfully paper-ish items of interest this weekend, if you’re here in the bay area…
: the Vintage Paper Fair
: PCBA’s Printer’s Fair

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