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I know, I know: two posts in one week. But I just couldn’t save this one until next week (especially since I’ve got a FANTASTIC interview with Hope Amico all lined up!) So I figured I’d share this as a “welcome to your weekend” sort of thing.

I was interviewed at the ALA2015 Conference by Joseph Coco, on behalf of Rebecca Hillburn and her “Natto Soup” blog. Joseph and I chat about mail art, zines, and how to get involved in the Network — take a look! (everything was completely UNSCRIPTED –> insert some sort of anxiety emoji here…)

PS: there is a little flub that I made at the very beginning of the interview…did any of you catch it? If you hit the 2 minute mark, you’ve gone too far!




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(warning: the following post is filled with a heapin’ helpin’ of words and is pretty low on visuals. But don’t worry: I promise LOTS and LOTS of beautiful eye candy in future posts!)

2014 has wrapped up and I have to say that it was one of the most interesting, educational, and inspired years in recent memory. Things started out with a bang: Ex Postal Facto seemed to be the pace car, setting the bar high for mail art interactions and postal socializing (postalizing?) From there, I jumped headlong into Red Handed Rubber Stamps and all the details a new business requires: sourcing, purchasing, designing, phone calling, marketing, and a thousand-and-one other niggling details that keep a girl awake at night.

That was May 2014. Sure there was a trip to NYC and a completed artist book as well as an interview with the USPS, but for the most part I kept my head down here in San Francisco, working on a handful of pet projects that had been put aside since 2013. By the time summer arrived, I was neck-deep putting together SF Zine Fest. My fellow organizers — an incredibly talented group of writers, illustrators, and zinesters — are some of the hardest working folks I know, with a refreshing take on the DIY scene (and small press publishing in general.) It was a pleasure to work with them (once again) in 2014.

SFZF always marks the beginning of autumn for me. The event takes place on Labor Day weekend, traditionally a time associated with the end of summer and the beginning of the fall teaching semester. Just like every other year, the last few months of 2014 were booked solid: SF Correspondence Co-op meetings, workshops at SF Center for the Book, teaching in the Printmaking Department at the Academy of Art. Recently, I’ve been completely buried (once again), hard at work putting together another artist book edition for the upcoming Dig show at Central Booking in NYC (but I’ll talk about that in a different blog post.)

Looking at the above paragraphs, it’s no wonder I haven’t had much of a chance to update the RLD blog! My time has been spent getting together with other artists, working in the studio, creating things with my hands  — activities which make all the (other) hard work worth it. Meeting people face-to-face is a far different interaction than sitting solitary behind a screen; 2014 showed me that I sometimes need more of one than the other, and that’s just fine.

So what does that mean for the RLD blog? Well, a bit of a re-tooling for starters — but nothing too too drastic, I promise! I’ll be trying a few things out, to see what you guys are interested in. Instead of my usual, super-wordy blog posts (do people even read that much these days?!) I’ll be posting more photos of mail art and postal related things: an occasional piece of mail, inspiring articles from around the ‘net, projects I’m working on. I’m hoping this will be a new direction of interest to all RLD readers, regardless of which side of the screen we’re sitting at.

That being said, my email inbox is always open (and my PO box too!) I love hearing your feedback, dear readers — your ideas help make a good blog even better! Back in 2009, when I started the RLD blog, it was a way for me to reach out to readers of Good Mail Day and connect with the mail art community on a deeper level. Today, I count that as a goal which has come to pass, and generated incredible interactions with each of you, on so many different levels. Together, with each letter/postcard/artwork sent and received, you and I are creating a new wave of postal Networkers. Our shared love of bonding via words, art, and writing is something I give thanks for every day.

Viva le Mail Art! (and happy new year to all!)


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a little pile of outgoing mail for 2013!

a little pile of outgoing mail for 2013!

We can safely say that we have made it through to the other side, you and I. The holiday season that was 2012 has passed, leaving a trail of pine needles and cookie sprinkles in its wake. Looking forward to the whole of 2013 spread out before me, I can tell you that the year is going to be top notch: a bevy of beautiful USPS stamps coming out, teaching gigs galore, and a spiffy new batch of RLD projects on the horizon.

a lot of handwriting going on there...

a lot of handwriting going on there…

I had promised RLD readers a series of three All You Want For Christmas write ups. I’ve saved the best for last — even though it’s a bit after Christmas I think you’ll find a few items of “want!” listed below…

Look at it this way: now you don’t have to operate under the pretense of shopping for someone else – it’s all about YOU, baby!

fun for all ages? indeed!

fun for all ages? indeed!

As a fan of the Olathe Poste, I find their gummed and perforated papers are easy to work with. Don’t have an easy way to make those pinhole perforations for your artistamps? A pack of 25 dry gummed and pre-perfed sheets may be exactly what you need! A bonus? You can run these sheets through a standard, inkjet printer.

which do I love more -- cake? or postage?...

which do I love more — cake? or postage?…

What do we always need, as postal-ish people who send A LOT of mail? Postage stamps, that’s what! One of the best gifts I received for Christmas this year was a charming array of postage old and new, (uncancelled!) which could be used for future mailings. For those folks in the audience who didn’t know: “vintage” postage can ABSOLUTELY be used to send letters and postcards through the mail; just be sure to affix the correct amount before dropping in the blue box. You can find uncancelled, face-value postage of your own right here. (and remember: the price of post is going up January 27th…)



I ordered both Going Postal and Meta Mail Art Zine #1: A DIY Guide to TangleStamps a little while ago (like, a year or so) from Su Mwamba at Tangle Crafts; these two goodies still remain in my top 10 favorite postal-related zines. Going Postal chronicles the mail art received and displayed for a show of the same name, while Meta Mail Art Zine #1 outlines Su’s process and tips for creating artistamps. Both zines feature color pages and come mailed inside a hand decorated envelope – a great gift for getting people “into” mail art! You can place your order at Su’s TangleCraft etsy shop.

a glimpse inside mail art zine "Node Pajomo"...

a glimpse inside mail art zine “Node Pajomo”…

(some of my other favorite postal zines include: Node Pajomo (above), Gianni Simone’s Kairan, and the hard-to-get Arte Postale by Vittore Baroni.)

That being said, there are a couple other things you could treat yourself to: a copy of Good Mail Day (if you don’t already have one), a membership to the Letter Writer’s Alliance (a gift for a friend perhaps?), or you could sign yourself up for the February 2nd “Mail Art 101” class I’ll be teaching at the SF Center for the Book!

what's not to love about this freshly minted stack of mail?

what’s not to love about this freshly minted stack of mail?

Bringing you more mail art in the new year, with a stack of envelopes to boot! —


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photo by Von Spa

photo by Von Span

Back in the day, there was something called a “telegram”. Today we just call it “social media”.

Last week really was a red letter day for me, when it comes to buzz. Monday morning brought an email from “Good Mail Day” co-author Carolee Wheeler. “You’ll never believe it,” she excitedly penned. “ABC News has reviewed GMD!”

And review they did. Coming in at paragraph four (right underneath Martha Stewart!), journalist Jennifer Forker had nothing-but-nice things to say. From “the authors of “Good Mail Day” think a good day brings good mail (not that junk stuff) or, better, artsy envelopes” to “…their book includes an array of inspiring, four-color examples” (thanks Von Span!), we couldn’t be anything less than thrilled with ABC’s review. Thank you Jennifer!

photo by Von Span

photo by Von Span

In the April issue of Nylon magazine, GMD contributor Jennifer Pappas wrote an article titled “Urban Planning” which shows takes us down to  South America and shows us a good time — everything from tango to trapeze swings are covered! In her contributor bio (p.68), Jennifer gives a shout out to mail art in general (yay!) and GMD specifically (super yay!). If you’re reading this Miss J., I’ve put a little something in the post for you… 🙂

photo by Von Span

photo by Von Span

And then, at the end of the week there was more great news to come!

Saturday morning brought the launch of a fresh new online magazine called  “Letters & Journals”. FAB! I’ve contributed an article titled “Stationery Secrets of the City by the Bay”, so if you’ve ever wondered where an envelope obsessed, mail art junkie like me would shop here in SF, well — mystery solved! I share three of my all-time favorite places, as well as a bit of history about each. I’ll let you wander over and discover the whole magazine for yourself. Editor Jackie Flaherty has plans to bring “Letters & Journals” into print at the end of the year.

Of course, Sunday night was the National Geographic wing-ding.

I’m hoping one of y’all recorded it for me!

Needless to say, it was a busy week. There are plenty of other exciting projects in the hopper; I’ll share the late-breaking news of the moment with each and every one of you as it happens!

In all things postal, I remain —

PS: two wonderfully paper-ish items of interest this weekend, if you’re here in the bay area…
: the Vintage Paper Fair
: PCBA’s Printer’s Fair

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"Good Mail Day" postcard

Everyone loves parties, right?

Do we ever really need a reason to get together, eat cake off of frilly napkins, laugh and meet new folks, listen to bippy music from an unknown iPod playlist? Better still if everyone in the room shares a common interest such as…oh, I don’t know…postage stamps or airmail envelopes

That’s why I’m hoping that you will join me in celebrating the grand debut of “Good Mail Day” here in the bay area. While Carolee and I plan on having a few more signings lined up in November and December, this will definitely be a night to remember: party favors and faux postage and cookies shaped like envelopes! Both of us would be charmed to have you; additional lovers of marvelous missives and creators of colorful correspondence are welcome also!


Your charming hostesses: Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler

Where: SF Center for the Book, 300 De Haro Street, SF CA 94103

When: this Friday, October 9th; 6pm – 9pm

PS: bring your copies of “Good Mail Day” for us to sign, if you’re so inclined! (Sadly, we will not have copies for sale at the event; our first press run is currently sold out!)

Hope to see you there!


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