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do you like cake? how about chocolate cake?

do you like cake? how about chocolate cake?

Today was spent running errands for Sunday’s big shindig; I’m hoping all of you postal moderns and mail art makers can stop by and join us! Many thanks to Donovan and Kathy of the Letter Writer’s Alliance, for giving the Correspondence Co-op a shout-out on their blog today!

(yes, that is the very cake that will be served up on Sunday…all two pounds of it!)

(I’m not joking.)

birthday fauxstage and white elephant tickets...

birthday fauxstage and white elephant tickets…

I designed a special edition of birthday artistamps as party favors; part of the day was spent perforating them (more on that in a future blog post…)

bingo prizes anyone?

bingo prizes anyone?

There will be a variety of games and prizes for attendees to take part in; our bingo prizes come from none other than The World’s Smallest Post Office (via Chronicle Books), the Letter Writers Alliance, and a little something from Red Letter Day.

All info about the Co-op birthday party can be found here. Come for the party, then stay for the fireworks — it’s also the Golden Gate Bridge’s birthday too! (looks pretty good for 75, dont’cha think?)

And then on Monday, I’ll have that hard-earned “day off”!


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a little bit of Christmas cheer?

a little bit of Christmas cheer?

Kringle, kringle, kringle, my fabulous correspondents!

Have you managed to send your holiday cards and end-of-the-year wishes?

this might be the answer to the PO's problems!

this might be the answer to the PO's problems!

Fear not! There’s still time. “But when?” you may wonder.

I can help you with that: December 15th!

won't you join us? T'would be delightful...

won't you join us? T'would be delightful...


San Francisco’s Correspondence Co-op will be hosting a holiday open house at the SF Center for the Book. Highlights will include:

  • –a display of mail art by Correspondence Co-op members
  • –letterpressed broadsides by poet Cody Gates, designed by Happenstance Type-O-Rama
  • –a mail art “make-and-take” station, with supplies for creating your own marvelous postcards
  • –raffle of the evening: a Smith Corona “Classic 12” script (cursive) typewriter! (details below to enter raffle)
  • –holiday issue of the monthly Co-op artistamp
an "average" night, at one of the Co-op meetings...

an "average" night, at a Co-op meetings...

Here are the details; come on out and help us celebrate this festive time of year!
When: Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Where: San Francisco Center for the Book, 300 De Haro Street at 16th (in SF); SFCB’s Third Thursdays Open Houses are fun drop-in events for the community, and all are welcome. This is a free event; plenty of street parking is available.
Questions? send an email to Jennie at redletterdayzine@gmail.com

And how about that raffle? Y’know: the one for the typewriter? It’s this baby right here:

wouldn't this typer look GREAT sitting on your desk?

wouldn't this typer look GREAT sitting on your desk?


Correspondence Co-op member Anna is bringing a lovely, nearly mint condition cursive script typewriter to SF from Seattle for our holiday raffle — the perfect Christmas gift for you or someone you know! Here are the “rules”:

  • –you must be present or have someone collect the typewriter at the time of the raffle (Dec. 15th, 2011 during the open house).
  • –tickets are $5 apiece and must be paid in advance via PayPal to alincoln at care2 (dot) com. Anna will not be accepting cash at the event!
  • –Raffle remains open until 3pm on December 15th; the drawing will happen that same day, between 6-8pm at the SF Center for the Book.
  • –50% of proceeds go to the Hachiko Coalition (helping animals in the Fukashima nuclear zone).

Hope to see you on Thursday night, with glue stick and rubber stamps in hand!


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which of these would you choose, if you had to travel to a desert island?

which of these would you choose, if you had to travel to a desert island?

I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but summer vacation is almost over. Those long, lazy days of sipping lemonade in the backyard while writing to friends are almost at an end. Postcards mailed from exotic locales have reached their final destinations; the recorded vacation is quickly becoming a fuzzy memory in the face of shopping for back-to-school supplies (of course I still haunt the school supply aisle of my local Target/Office Max/indie stationery store, even though I have no need whatsoever to shop for even more office supplies…)

i didn't -really- need that pink stapler. but i DID need the red staples...

I didn’t -really- need that pink stapler. but I DID need the red staples…

The last few months have gone by in a flash, something I’ve mentioned before (see: most recent post). What’s been keeping me busy? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of talking about that (see: most recent post), however, there is one thing I haven’t had a chance to mention: the Correspondence Co-op project.

this is where it all begins...

this is where it all begins…

“What’s that?!” you may wonder – and I am here to tell you! The Correspondence Co-op is a monthly meeting of like-minded mail art folks and letter writers, who get together in various locations around SF to socialize and make mail art happen. But mainly, we do A LOT of socializing.

i think we're discussing world domination, through mail art...

I think we’re discussing world domination, through mail art… (Pamela of Cappucchino and Art Journal blog on the left!)

Letter writing socials are pretty “hot” right now, (Letter Writers Alliance has a monthly “Imbibe and Scribe” event at Greer (Chicago); the PAL-SAC (Post a Letter Social Club) in Toronto was recently featured in Uppercase magazine) but oddly enough such a thing did not exist in San Francisco. In May of this year, Red Letter Day established the Correspondence Co-op, and our first meeting was held.

a gathering of humble proportions...

a gathering of humble proportions…

What makes the Co-op so special? Well, the folks, for starters. Many Co-op cohorts knew each other through the mailbox; upon meeting in person, they realized their connections were even closer to home, so to speak. Whether it was riding the same bus on one’s daily commute, or walking pets in the same neighborhood dog park, attendees at our first meeting realized there was more than just a mutual love of mail art/letters – there was an immediate sense of community.

this is where i stamp your passport and give you the month's new artistamp...

this is where I stamp your passport and give you the month’s new artistamp…

Every club needs goodies, and the Co-op is no different. Attendees at the inaugural meeting received an official Correspondence Co-op Passport; at each monthly meeting, Red Letter Day issues a new artistamp, which members can then put into their passports. And of course, members are encouraged to create and swap their own artistamps!

A question I’m asked fairly often is how one can meet other mail artists, find people to send mail to. In this digital age, it seems like it would be easy, right? But in a way, it’s almost too easy to find people to write to – social networks such as the IUOMA and Facebook are filled with mail art groups and letter writers. How do you choose who to correspond with, especially if your time is limited? It’s an important thing to consider, in this age of easy access info.

recent outgoing: emma, cristine, and miss stars...

recent outgoing: emma, cristine, and miss stars…

Correspondence Co-op takes mail art out of the mailbox (or post office, so to speak) and sets it squarely in front of you, face-to-face. Attendees get to meet folks with shared interests (beyond postage stamps and airmail envelopes, of course!) and find common ground.

yep, that's wine. and yep: the label says "ray johnson red"...

yep, that’s wine. and yep: the label says “ray johnson red”…

What does the future of the Co-op look like? The things I can tell you about include guest speakers, mail art demos, and a holiday party (look out Santa!); I’ve got few things on the horizon that will be a surprise! Members are encouraged to skill share and show-n-tell. And guess what? We’re even planning a field trip to the Kurt Schwitters show over at the Berkeley Art Museum!

A single mail artist working alone often feels as if they’re creating in a vacuum, that they are the only person doing this “weird” thing called “mail art”. The goal of the Co-op (or any sort of letter writing social, really) is to introduce people to each other, learn from one another, and foster a sense of kinship – one of the fundamental ideas behind mail art Networking.

the correspondence co-op logo...

the correspondence co-op logo…

I leave you with our Co-op motto: “Hand in Hand, Letter by Letter”. Creating community is as easy as picking up a pen, or licking a postage stamp.


PS: our next Correspondence Co-op meeting will take place on August 24th, 2011 in San Francisco; if you are interested in more information, please send an email to: redletterdayzine@gmail.com

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