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April and May were whirlwinds of activity at the RLD studio; I was working like a fiend putting together two new artist book editions for my June trip to NYC.


I am thrilled to announce that these two new editions (Via Aerea and Instance/Instants) are now available exclusively through Central Booking NYC.


07_text words

“Instants/Instance” by Jennie Hinchcliff

Incorporating both perforations and pochoir, Instants/Instance is a reflection on change and memory, people and place. The book is an edition of 12; each volume is hand assembled, stenciled, and constructed by hand.

"Instants/Instance" by Jennie Hinchcliff (close up)

“Instants/Instance” by Jennie Hinchcliff (close up)

Located on the lower east side, Central Booking NYC represents a wide swath of the who’s-who in artists’ books. It is an honor to be on display alongside Doug Beube, Red Fox Press, Kumi Korf, and many admirable others.

06_karen kunc

“Combinations” by Karen Kunc

On shelves and in bookcases, artists’ books wait for the curious to stop by…


“Red Dwarfs and Super Giants” by Kathy Bruce

…to read, page thru, connect with.

04_CB aaron beebe

“Map: Brooklyn Bridge Park” by Aaron Beebe

One of my instant favorites was the work of Aaron Beebe, who creates fantastic mapscapes over the top of photos. His bio states that he was the director of the Coney Island Museum for ten years; each of his artworks combines evocative imagery and official looking text in order to create something that seems just out of memory’s reach.

05_aaron beebe close up

“Map: Brooklyn Bridge Park” by Aaron Beebe (close up)

I’ve been a long time fan of Doug Beube’s work…

09_doug beube

“Zipper Theory: Facing Shame Tomorrow” by Doug Beube

…as well as Art Hazelwood.

08_art hazelwood

“Tora Bora” by Art Hazelwood

One of the things that makes artists’ books so exciting is their accessibility. Everyone, whether young or old (and contrary to current lamentations that print is dead) is able to interact with a book. Many of the usual “I don’t really understand fine art” feelings are taken out of the equation for a reader of artists’ books, leaving room instead for exploration, wonder, and inspiration. There is something for everyone in between the covers of an artist book.






Summer hours are currently in effect for Central Booking; it’s best to give a call and confirm that they’ll be open. Upcoming fall exhibitions include themes such as archaeology and forensic science — to say that I’m excited (and already hard at work) is an understatement!


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